No we’re not asking you to do your best Olivia Newton-John routine, just modernise your networking and connect with the business community online. 

The impact of social and digital media is well documented, with the digital age revolutionising how many of us communicate, consume information, make purchases and do business. However, many of us fail to successfully integrate these things in to our networking.

Digital and social media can greatly increase our reach and broaden our contact base. It gives us access to a worldwide audience of professionals and likeminded business communities that can really enhance our network and represent exciting opportunities to do business. There are many networking organisations that are utilising channels such as Twitter and LinkedIn to increase awareness of their groups and attract more visitors/members.

Advantages of digital

– It can expand your network significantly.

– It’s quick and easy (In a few moments you can publish an update about the progress of your group or business).

– You can monitor how well things are received through the statistics made available by many social channels

– You can target specific sectors, companies and individuals, tailoring your activity and content to suit your purpose and audience.

– You can share content and direct people to other pages.

– It’s great for building momentum and creating anticipation for upcoming events.

Examples of digital channels

– Facebook

– Twitter

– Linked In

– Google +

– Blogs

– Trip Advisor, Qype and Free Index

How we can help one another?

– Follow and like each other’s pages, as well as your networking group page(s).

– Get involved in related posts by retweeting, sharing, liking etc.

– Leave positive reviews on each other’s social pages, such as a Facebook review or Trip Advisor rating.

– Leave comments on blogs and share them.

– Share group content such as videos of networking meetings or the latest news.

If we can help create a buzz around the chapter and each other’s businesses online then it will only help us all move forwards. Creating a solid community online can really enhance your reputation as a networking group, and consequently as an individual business owner. So best get that Twitter handle sorted out and your Facebook page up to date because it’s never too late to join the digital bandwagon.

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