One of the single greatest benefits of being a BNI membership is being part of a group. Not only is it a great source of business and potential revenue, but also a support network full of high-calibre business professionals that you can trust. Sure, we are all looking to grow our individual businesses and ultimately make more money, but the fact remains that being part of a group significantly increases your chances of making the right kind of contacts and pushing your business in the right direction. 

Consider this one simple sentiment: The better the group does, the better we do as individuals.

Like any business, we rely on the contributions of our team, which in this case is the membership. With everyone pulling in the same direction, you are far more likely to achieve your group goals, and benefit individually as a result. Everyone wants to be part of a winning team, and here are a few tips to make sure that your group is promoting a culture of shared success. 

Champion the group
Get behind your group and promote it wherever possible. Share the success stories on social media, talk about the group in other circles and support your fellow members if they are sharing exciting news. If there are positive stories coming out of the group then let the world know about it.

Be committed
Morale is very important in any group and a big factor in this is attendance. People feel better about being part of a group full of committed people. Good practice rubs off on us all and it’s motivational to see a packed room each week. And when you’re in the room, make sure you’re really in the room, listening, engaging and creating a great atmosphere for visitors.

Take responsibility
It is no one person’s responsibility to get new members, give referrals, organize 121s etc. That is the responsibility of ALL members. Don’t give in to a diffusion of responsibility and just assume that others will do it for you. Be proactive, not reactive, and definitely not inactive.

Be positive
Momentum breeds progress. Every group needs energy and positivity to fuel its growth. So make sure you approach your BNI membership with a proactive and positive outlook. This rubs off on other members and creates a great atmosphere for visitors.

Invest in it
Make BNI part of your routine. After all, you only get out what you put in. You’ve invested in it financially, so invest in it mentally! Invest your time and make the very best of your membership. A few minutes each day booking 121s, retweeting your chapter’s success stories and looking for referrals could really pay off. 

BNI is all about shared success. The effort and contribution you make as individuals directly correlates with the prosperity of the group. So if you want more business, be a team player, be proud of your group and promote a culture of shared success.

Andrew Robins