When I rejoined BNI West One two years ago, I did so against the backdrop of great sadness. My mother was sick with Dementia and subsequently passed away. Redesigning what life meant for me now has become a very difficult mission. I decided to focus on the area that brought me joy. Creating my show and finding a suitable venue to host it has became my mission.

I am a Professional Magician, Speaker and Coach. Every Friday morning I was very specific about what I was looking for when presenting my 60 second pitch. Think about this, 60 seconds that can send your life into a new trajectory. That is what I was seeking and hoping for.

A great referral is in direct proportion to clarity, conviction of purpose and intention and the willingness to inspire the members around the table to support the mission.

Six degrees of separation is a real phenomenon  

In this case, I was one degree away from the finding the ideal venue.

One thing I have learnt life, the people who will truly help you always come from an unlikely source. A member of my chapter presented me with a golden opportunity to share my idea to a venue right on my door step. I had a successful meeting with the venue, saw the space where my show could take place, it was a dream come true.

I took a leap of faith and placed a huge bet on myself – I booked the room, all paid for out of my own money. I did all the marketing myself – MY SHOW SOLD OUT. The show was a complete success; I reinvested my earnings into a second sell out show.

The next show takes place on 24th August. You can find out more details and purchase tickets here

This BNI story is a tribute to ‘Givers Gain’

It’s about patience, purpose, clarity of communication and the willingness to trust the process and play. It’s a game. Play the game with commitment, have zero attachment to the where, when and how things will show up.

Consistency is very powerful because it reflects the energy of engaging with life. The results simply prove that the force energy that governs all life simply wants us to engage and play.

Michael Vincent
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Michael Vincent