As a lighting designer, Pierre helps his clients enhance their spaces with light. 

Pierre creates lighting schemes for commercial and residential properties in France and UK. He works on public and private projects, investigating how light can best be employed to reveal scope, space and form. Working with architects and interior designers to bring their designs to life, Pierre uses his creative expertise and technical knowledge to enhance the design and architectural requirements of a space with light.  

From single room to entire building, his work goes from initial concept to implementation, always making sure the lighting design is integrated with all other building services and functions. 

Pierre’s portfolio includes private residences, office spaces, museums, restaurants, and shops. He also works on heritage buildings and church architectural lighting. 


  • Lighting Design services to all RIBA stages:
  • Project Definition
  • Concept Design
  • Design Package (Full drawing, lighting schedule, specifications, pricing)
  • Commissioning (Scene set up and control).
  • Construction (Project management, procurement)


  • Architects
  • Interior designers
  • contractors, property developpers

Working with Pierre is both a pleasure and a learning experience. Pairing a highly technical knowledge with a very sensitive approach to any space, its qualities, limitations and possibilities, Pierre brings a constantly updated approach to the art of lighting. He is aware of trends, new technological developments, high end as well as very basic options in fittings, accessories and all related systems. While paying close attention to functional and aesthetic considerations, Pierre never loses sight of budget nor indeed of the property’s intrinsic constraints and parameters. 

Having worked with Pierre on complex projects, both in London and abroad, I would recommend his expertise with pleasure, would it be to an end user in search of the perfect lighting solution or to a building and property professional such as myself, be they contractor, architect, developer or estate agent – Pierre will have options for all. 

Marie-Noelle Swiderski - GALUCHAT

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