We are a Travel Company trading since 1987 providing a wide range of services catering for individuals , families , couples and companies. Our expertise lies in creating Bespoke tailor-made itineraries to best suit their requirements as no holiday isn’t a one size fits all. We can create unforgettable experiences for those seeking adventure, honeymooners or those looking to take a sabbatical. For families and groups we are able to advise a holiday that would suit the party size and requirements and are able to send many options. We also have lots of knowledge of the different cabin classes now offered by airlines are able to provide competitive quotes to suit any budget.

For companies we provide a service which allows them to tailor a solution that best fits their requirements knowing that it a 24/7 service where assistance is at hand.

We have a team of experienced / knowledgeable staff who exude our ethos of providing a service and most of all …WE CARE


  • Family holidays
  • Around the World itineraries
  • Business travel
  • Adventure Holidays
  • Honeymoon Travel


  • Families
  • Busy individuals
  • Small to medium sized companies
  • Honeymooners

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