I am the founder of the award-winning animation company Ronu Creative. We are a fun and independent production house that offers our creative and storytelling services to clients via visual marketing tools such as comics, live-action videos, and most importantly; animations.

Our core strength lies in our innate storytelling abilities as well as our ability to visualise complex topics and technical subjects and present them in an easy to understand manner. We are backed by a creative team of scriptwriters, graphic designers, storyboard artists, illustrators, animators and filmmakers with one goal – creating memorable and sophisticated visual stories.

Ronu means ‘Think’ in the Yoruba language. Not only do we put a lot of thought into our projects, but we also ensure our projects encourage everyone (including ourselves) to think a little deeper. This is because we believe that everything we do should have a useful purpose and contribute to the world in a positive manner, whether it is to share knowledge, show us a new perspective or refuel the imaginative mind. 

As long as the resulting effect is a positive social impact, we are happy! This is why we exist!


  • Animation
  • Story writing
  • Concept creation
  • Illustration


  • Media agencies
  • Advertising agencies
  • Non-profit organisations
  • Production studios
  • Marketing agencies
  • Organisations with a marketing/advertising campaign in mind

  • Power Team
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