My name is Orlando Pellicano and I work for Data OPS Limited, specialising in helping small and medium sized organisations to implement digital strategies to solve challenges or inefficiencies in their workflows and processes by building custom software development or implementing better integrations between existing software solutions. 

These changes lead to our customers being more efficient and productive, and therefore more profitable, while providing a better experience for the end client. 


  • Understand what the organisation does and how it works
  • Analyse existing workflows
  • Identify inefficiencies or digital gaps in the process
  • Recommend practical solutions to fill those gaps
  • Work with the organisation to implement the recommendations
  • Provide ongoing support 


  • Custom business software development
  • Mobile App development / prototyping
  • CRM
  • Inventory management
  • Database hosting and maintenance
  • Claris FileMaker Support


  • Currently Use Excel Spreadsheets to manage their business data
  •  Existing users of Claris FileMaker
  • Have data disjointed throughout the company
  • Needing a bespoke app to solve a business challenge that off the shelf software cannot help with

For nearly two years our company has been working with Orlando on numerous different projects to help improve our existing database. The company offers high quality services and shows great knowledge of FileMaker. 

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